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The Wedding of

Jusak & San San

July, 8th 2023

“So they are no longer two,
but one flesh.
Therefore what God has joined together,
let no one separate.”

Matthew 9:16

Groom & Bride

By the grace and the blessing of the Lord,
we joyfully invite you
to our wedding

Jusak Sugiamto

(Giam Hou Sin)

The son of:

Mr. Alm Rachmat Sugiamto


Mrs. Alm Sari Martha H


(Chen Hui San)

The daughter of:

Mr. Suratin 陳國良


Mrs. Margareta 郭玉華


July, 8th 2023

Holy Matrimony

13.30 WIB

Jimbaran Room

Sunlake Waterfront Resort & Convention


18.00 WIB

Matahari Ballroom

Sunlake Waterfront Resort & Convention.

Jl Danau Permai Raya, Sunter Agung,

Kec Tj Priok, Jakarta Utara


Gallery of Love

Health Protocol

Wash hand

Use Mask

Physical Distancing

Don’t handshake

Temperature Check

Use Handsanitizer


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Wedding Wishes

Ucapan Dan Doa …..

Wedding Gift

As we begin our journey together,

we are grateful for our family and friends’ unending love and support.

For those who would like to express

your congratulations with a gift,

we have provided the details below

for your convenience.

With Love,

Jusak & San San


Satriana atau Jusak S

Copied !

See You on Our Big Day

Jusak & San San